The electromagnetic flowmeters are the ideal flowmeters for metering the flow of all liquids, slurries and sludges that have a specific minimum electrical conductivity. These flowmeters measure accurately, create no additional pressure drop, contain no moving or protruding parts, are wear free and corrosion resistant. Installations are possible in any existing piping system.

 The electromagnetic flowmeter has proven itself over many decades  and is the preferred flowmeter in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries, Municipal Water and Waste Water treatment facilities and in the Food and Paper industries.

Measurement Principle

Faraday’s Laws of induction form the basis form the basis for the electromagnetic flowmeter which states that a voltage is generated in a conductor as it moves through a magnetic field.

This principle is applied to a conductive fluid which flows through the meter tube perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field. Promo toyota cilegon toyota madiun promo toyota serang Halina