Combined with the Gantrex® pads, Gantrex® patented clips are at the core of the soft-mount crane rail solutions and can fit almost every rail profile available worldwide. Clips maintain rails in position via a mechanical lock and simultaneously accept the real rail movements through a soft synthetic elastomer nose, vulcanize-bonded to the clips designed to accommodate the forces applied to rails by cranes. Lateral adjustment facilitates the installation and allows for further corrections to the track geometry throughout its life.

Innovative design

The latest generation of Gantrex®soft-mount clips benefit from the RailLok™ advantages, a patented technology applicable to a new line of crane rail clips and pads introduced in the early 2010s. This technology improves the features of the previous generation of clips by cleverly ensuring self-contact between the clip and rail, reducing installation time by introducing impact wrenches mounting, increasing the clips capacity to address ever growing crane loads and providing a narrower design allowing operational and financial savings.
Two main clip types are available for different fixing supports: welded-base or through-bolted. The choice of either type of clips depends on technical conditions and local requirements.
The mechanical performances of the stress resistant clips were certified and tested by worldwide renowned laboratories for the specialized Rail Tracks Construction. Promo toyota cilegon toyota madiun promo toyota serang Halina