GANTREX® patented pads

Combined with the GANTREX® clips, GANTREX® patented pads are at the core of soft-mount crane rail solutions and prove essential to reduce stresses, shocks and vibrations in rail systems. Our pad range covers all rail profiles and includes continuous and discontinuous pads. Laid between the rail and its support, the pad ensures the load distribution over a larger surface, the elimination of load concentrations and ensuing fatigue stresses, the centering of loads on the supporting element, the absorption of uneven contact surfaces between rail and support, and the reduction of wear of the rail and its support.

Covering all applications

Our MK6 and RailLok series continuously support rails with standard delivery pads in long grooved vulcanized synthetic elastomer strips reinforced with a steel strip. Made to match the concave foot of rails manufactured to DIN 536/1 and available in flat or crowned rail profiles, the large or regular steel strips adapt lateral stability depending on usage conditions. Gantrex’ last generation of pads is particularly well adapted to the RailLok™ clips, a patented technology of crane rail clips and pads. The MK4 and MK0 pads are designed to fit light rail applications on a continuous support whilst the MK2 refers to discontinuously supported runways with standard thermoplastic elastomer pads matching every intermittent support, specially shaped to prevent longitudinal slippage.

The mechanical performances of our products were certified and tested in internationally renowned laboratories for materials handling. Promo toyota cilegon toyota madiun promo toyota serang Halina