Electromagnetic Flowmeter

FineTek works on level filed with excellent experiences in the market over 30 years. With high accurate and stable measurement, we are proud to introduce FineTek EPD electromagnetic flowmeter into industrial flow measurement.

Electromagnetic flowmeter technology is constructed from Faraday’s law of induction. It well works in numerous ranges of flow application, and not being affected by liquid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure, conductivity, etc. For example, wastewater, dying machinery, beverage, etc.


1. Maintenance-free, all conductive fluid can be measured

2. Have no any moving parts, no pressure loss

3. Multilingual user interface : Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English

4. Easy Setup, Simple installation

5. Zero stability ensures long-term stability

6. Remote control RS485 (Modbus)

7. Protection rating : IP67

8. Build-in length according to ISO standards

9. Turn-down ratio 100:1

10. Isolated outputs and overcurrent protection




±0.05% F.S. @ 0.1~1.0m/s (F.S. = 10m/s)

±0.5% O.R. @ 1.0~10 m/s            ?Note1

Alarm current

Accord NAMUR NE43

Downscale 3.5mA ; Upscale 23 mA

Frequency output rate

0.01 ~ 10,000 Hz


IP67 / NEMA 4X



 Chemical industry, Pulp and paper industry, Power industry, Wastewater industry, Iron, Steel & Metals industry, Pharmaceuticals industry, Food & beverage industry.


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