vibration level switches covers a huge range of configurations, constructed in the part number. Our prices display standard models, and for extended types - just one extension length. Determine your exact needs and contact us for prices The vibrating probe level switch consists of two piezoelectric elements vibrating inside the switch housing. One receives a pulse signal from the PCB and causes the housing to vibrate, and the vibration transmits to the other sensor and generates an electric signal. When vibration of the housing is paused, if in contact with the material surrounding it, there is no return signal from the piezoelectric element and a relay actuates. This enables reliable performance in extreme conditions. Vibrating probes provide reliable & trouble-free level sensing for bulk solids and tuning fork styles for liquids. These are unaffected by material build-up or static electricity, and can withstand high lateral loads. Finetek offer a number of different types including TUNING FORK, ROD STYLE and extended models with solid or cable extensions.
  • Voltage supply range 20~250, 50~60Hz Vac/ Vdc.
  • SPDT Relay output, SSR MOSFET output.
  • Sensitivity adjustment is available for different density mediums.
  • Low wear and tear, maintenance free and self cleaning.
  • Fine powders can be detected.
  • Euro and UL certified Models available. Promo toyota cilegon toyota madiun promo toyota serang Halina